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Get fit for free with Trinity Arts & Leisure’s Open Day

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Trinity Arts & Leisure Open Day

There is no better time to start on the road to a fitter and healthier you than when it’s free. Trinity Arts & Leisure are offering FREE spaces in fitness classes, FREE use of their gym, FREE 45 minute sessions in their sports hall & a chance for anyone to swim for ONLY £1.00 during their open day between Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September!

6 Reasons to get fitter with Trinity Art’s & Leisure

You’ll feel more confident

Getting fit helps you to feel your absolute best – in mood and body. As you become stronger, achieve physical goals and feel more focused, your mood will soar. Before you know it, you’ll be radiating confidence from the inside out.

You’ll sleep better

Exercising supports you in both falling asleep and spending more time in deep sleep. This is the part of sleeping in which your immune system is strengthened and feelings such as stress and anxiety are controlled, helping you to wake up truly rejuvenated.

You’ll feel more productive

Have a big project or presentation coming up? A quick workout might be in order. Exercise enhances cognition by making our hippocampus (the critical part of our mind for learning and memory) work harder and increasing blood flow to the brain.

You’ll live longer

If there was ever an incentive to stay fit, this is it. Exercise keeps your body fit and strong, strengthening everything from your heart to your muscles, immune system to your bones.

You’ll have improved mental health

While you’re hitting the treadmill and bossing the bell weights, your brain is hard at working making positive changes. Exercise promotes neural growth and new activity patterns that encourage an overall sense of calm – in some cases, working as effectively as antidepressants.

You’ll have more energy

It might sound contradictory, but fighting fatigue is helped by moving more, not less. Working out increases your stamina by strengthening your heart and simultaneously spiking your endorphin levels, making you feel more energetic.

[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” font_size=”40″ line_height=”40″ title=”Available Free Sessions”][/ut_header][ut_accordion][ut_accordion_item label=”Fitness classes”]All of the Open Day fitness classes can be found on our schedule (below). Due to the maximum amount of spaces available, Trinity Arts & Leisure require all customers wanting to join in to call us on 01234 291777 to book their place.

  • Friday 09:30-10:30 – Balance fitness class – Max 20 people
  • Friday 10:30-11:30- Legs, Bums & Tums fitness class – Max 20 people
  • Friday 18:00-19:00- Zumba fitness class – Max 30 people
  • Saturday 09:30-10:30- Spinning fitness class – Maximum 12 people
  • Saturday 11:00-12:00 -Yoga fitness class – Max 20 people

For more information about the classes on offer & for our fitness class timetable, please visit our website –[/ut_accordion_item][ut_accordion_item label=”Swimming”]Trinity Arts & Leisure will be opening up their newly refurbished swimming pool for everyone to come and enjoy a splash for just £1.00 per person (children younger than 5 years old can swim for free). Please refer to the schedule below for available times.

  • Friday 06:00-08:30 – Adult Lane Swimming
  • Friday 10:00-12:00 – Family swimming
  • Friday 15:00-16:30 – Family swimming
  • Friday 17:00-19:00 – Adult Lane swimming
  • Saturday 07:00-10:00 – Adult Lane swimming
  • Saturday 10:00-11:30 – Family swimming
  • Saturday 13:30-14:30 – Family swimming

For more information about our public swimming on offer & for our full swimming pool timetable please visit their website –[/ut_accordion_item][ut_accordion_item label=”Gym”]The Trinity Arts & Leisure Gym will be open ALL DAY on both of the Open Days & will give everyone a chance to use the facilities for absolutely free. There will have staff on site throughout both days who will be happy to show you around the gym & how to use the equipment safely.

Staff will need to complete a gym induction with you, so to use the gym during the Open Days you will need to call 01234 291777 to pre-book an induction appointment. The inductions are free of charge.

[/ut_accordion_item][ut_accordion_item label=”Sports Hall”]Trinity Arts & Leisure will be offering 45 minutes bookings in their sports hall for groups to book for free. Four 45 minute slots are available on Friday 6th September and these will be booked on a first come first serve basis. The slots will be as follows:

Friday 6th September:

  • 4:00-4:45pm
  • 5:00-5:45pm
  • 6:00-6:45pm
  • 7:00-7:45pm

You will be available to have the sports hall setup for various sports including Football, Basketball, Netball, Hockey & Volleyball. If you want to book a slot please contact the office on 01234 291777 to book your time in the sports hall.[/ut_accordion_item][/ut_accordion][vc_column_text]Parking is FREE to everyone attending the Open Day & passes will be given out at reception on arrival & request. Trinity Arts & Leisure are an approved TrendLife Magazine stockist and more more information can be found on their stockist page.[/vc_column_text]

Lover of all things FAST. If I am not in the office, you can find me near a track or under a car. I also work with great people in TrendLife's Editorial team.



St Albans’ favourite Chloe James Lifestyle prepares for reopening

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Chloe James Lifestyle prepares for lockdown reopening

As one of St Albans’ favourite destinations for all things haute couture, we are excited that Chloe James Lifestyle have announced they will be reopening this coming Monday 12th April.

Regular St Albans shoppers will know Chloe James Lifestyle has been a fixture on High Street St Albans for over 10 years. Despite being extremely busy preparing for the reopening, Owner Donna Nichol has shared her thoughts on reopening Chloe James Lifestyle and what changes fashionistas can expect.

Chloe James Lifestyle owner Donna Nichol

Chloe James Lifestyle owner Donna Nichol

What are you looking forward to most at Chloe James Lifestyle?

Personally, I’m really looking forward to the buzz of a busy shop again – lots of chat and laughter and the general feel good vibes of helping people look and feel their best. Nothing beats it! When we reopen, we are going straight back to our normal hours i.e. 10-5.30 Monday to Saturday and 11-4 on Sunday. We can’t wait to open the doors again and welcome our customers back in!

What new changes can we expect at Chloe James Lifestyle?

The shop has had a complete refresh. Every single inch has been cleaned and there are lots of new products for our customers to enjoy, including great gift lines and a new jewellery brand as well as our Spring fashion collections. One of my personal favourites is a new French fashion label called FRNCH which we are currently featuring in our window – the colours are just stunning!

We love what independent businesses bring to St Albans. How do you think shoppers will respond post lockdown?

I believe there’s going to be a real return to shopping small. After all, we are the ones who have carried on throughout the pandemic, finding ways to adapt to our customers’ needs, offering Click & Collect and always being at the end of a phone to help find the perfect birthday gift. We’ve even personally delivered them on a specific date when it was possible!

We’ve also kept our windows vibrant to cheer up the daily walk and many people have said how much they loved this. It’s become apparent to everyone how much small independent businesses add to their community and we really must make sure they don’t disappear!

About Chloe James – Chloe James Lifestyle is an elegant lifestyle boutique based in St Albans specialising in fashion, art, stylish interiors and beautiful gifts.

TrendLife Magazine is available from a network of stockists across Beds, Bucks and Herts. For more info, contact us.

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Amersham High Street Spanish restaurant Pluma prepares to reopen

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Buckinghamshire Spanish Kitchen Pluma prepares for reopening
Popular Spanish Kitchen Pluma is preparing to reopen its doors on Amersham High Street this week. Despite being extremely busy organising the reopening, co-founder Charlie Baxter has found some time to tell us what to expect when Pluma reopens. Charlie and wife Arantxa co-founded Pluma in 2012 with the goal of bringing the best Spanish traditions and culture to their food.

What are you looking forward to most at Pluma?

We will be opening on the 13th of April to the public. We have changed our opening hours for the dine out stage of lockdown ease to 12.00pm-8pm (last booking). We are most looking forward to greeting our wonderful guest back into the restaurant. We have missed them dearly.

What new changes can we expect at Pluma?

We have been working hard to create some amazing new dishes for the menu. which have been created by our head chef Luis Urrutiabeaskoa from Bilbao. We have also been hard at work in the bar to bring some exciting new cocktails to really help our guests celebrate the re-opening of restaurants with a bang.

Buckinghamshire Spanish Kitchen Pluma prepares for reopening

Fancy sampling Pluma cocktails this summer?

About Pluma

Pluma serve food with a conscience and are big believers in giving back, and doing good where they can. Pluma pride themselves on working closely with local suppliers who have the same ethical values. Pluma also have a great blog and social presence that we recommend following. Pluma can be found on 18 High St, Amersham, HP7 0DJ.

Buckinghamshire Spanish Kitchen Pluma prepares for reopening


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Foodies For Thought : What are you doing when lockdown eases?

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TrendLife talks with local Three Counties foodies about life after lockdown

With a number of our favourite eateries across Beds, Bucks & Herts getting ready to open their doors (and gardens) next week, TrendLife have spoken with six of our favourite foodies to find out where they plan to visit and what they plan to do as lockdown eases across the Three Counties.

In our first of two features, we speak to local foodies Chris of @meat_with_beer, Rachel of @bucksfood and Nadia of @MyRudeFood.


Meet With Beer - Foodies For Thought :: What are you doing when lockdown eases?

How has lockdown been for you?

Honestly I can’t complain. No one has had it easy, but I’ve got a job, I’ve not been furloughed, work’s been pretty busy, and family and friends are all safe and well.

Food and drink are social activities for me though and I love nothing more than going out with friends for drinks or to try somewhere new to eat. It’s my passion and before COVID it is what I would be doing most weekends. Obviously lockdown changed that, so instead I’ve cooked more, used some of the money saved by not commuting to upgrade my BBQ, and tried some of the great meal kits that are around now. Those really helped bring a flavour normality home.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the same but it can be fun. I’ve also tried to check out more local businesses, meaning I have come across some great places across Herts I didn’t know about before. That’s as well as supporting local places I love and want to still be there after lockdown. So generally I’ve tried to make the most of it.

Hertfordshire lockdown highlights for me have included: cheese from the Little Deli (Hitchin), beers from Beer Shop (Hitchin & St Albans), wine from Wee Vinoteca and Hedley Wright (both Hitchin), breakfast baps from The Bull (at Gosmore) and The Groundworks (Hitchin), meat from Chapman’s butchers (Baldock), plant based delights from Chia (Hitchin) and Vutie Beets (Letchworth) and desserts from Pudding Stop (St Albans) and Neighbourhood Bakes (Hitchin).

Hitchin has had some awesome hot food places open during lockdown too, like Cawsburger, Chicken George Jr and Major Crusts.

What is going to be the first drink you order at the bar?

First will be a draft beer at the Kite in April, but I’m also looking forward to sangrias at Los Reyes, wine flights at Wee Vinoteca and some IPAs at Beer Shop in May.

Where have you missed visiting the most during the lockdown?

Los Reyes and Beer Shop in Hitchin both get my top vote.

Where is the first place you plan to visit when the restrictions are lifted?

Not everywhere is opening in April, but if those that are I am looking forward to having a few beers and some food at the Kite at the Red Hart in Hitchin. I’ve got a table booked at Los Reyes in May too.

TrendLife talks with local Three Counties foodies about life after lockdown

How has lockdown been for you?

It’s a weird one for me, I have been living with chronic illness (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Adenomyosis) since 2001. Lessons of acceptance and gratitude that had already become part of my tool kit, have helped so much during lockdown. I have also improved my Skype skills, texted more and generally communicated more regularly with friends old and new.

I also attended a few distance learning courses & a couple of online seminars, which on all likely-hood I wouldn’t have done in ‘normal’ circumstances. Like many others home cooks I also grew and nurtured a “Mother” (sour dough starter) I lovingly called Birtha. Using Birtha I mastered sourdough bread making fairly successfully.

I made more banana bread and cookies than was strictly necessary. I don’t want to make light of the situation, but I am aware I was better prepared than a lot of people. The general sense of appreciating the little things, the joys that can be found in nature and music was already part of my general outlook.

Where have you missed visiting the most during the lockdown?

It’s been a mixed bag, obviously I have missed my loved ones enormously. I’ve missed going out to restaurants , pubs, shopping, just the feeling of freedom that we used to take for granted. But truly, I just feel incredibly lucky that I wasn’t directly impacted by Covid-19 and was merely inconvenienced by Lockdown.

Where is the first place you plan to visit when the restrictions are lifted?

Really looking forward to a meal at the Alford Arms in Frithsden and my sister has already got us a table booked at Prime in Chandlers Cross

What is going to be the first drink you order at the bar?

Hoping that I’ll have a fruity Pimms in a pub garden on a sunny spring afternoon.


BucksFoodie : TrendLife talks with local Three Counties foodies about life after lockdown

How has lockdown been for you?

This latest lockdown has been hard, I think with the cold weather and the shorter days it’s been difficult for a lot of people.

I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to work full-time ( & not just working from home) as it’s meant I’m out and about & can actually finance my #TakeawayTuesday that I started at the beginning of this year! I’ve tried to spend the money that I would’ve done at restaurants on food stalls & takeaways – supporting small, local businesses where I can.

I have enjoyed the odd day working from home – it’s meant I’ve had additional time to create content & experiment. I’ve LOVED the TikTok trends that have hit the foodie community. What better way to get people into cooking! I’ve definitely tried my hand at a few – the baked feta pasta is eaten at least twice a month in our house!

I think I’ve also found a lot more time to talk to fellow bloggers & businesses. I’ve made some truly wonderful friends like the lovely Fliss from @berkshirecollective_ but it’s all been virtual! I can’t wait to meet her & others in person! It’s a funny old thing Instagram, but I’m so grateful for the people it’s brought into my life & the relationships I’ve been able to establish with businesses, even if we’ve not seen each other face to face… yet! I won’t lie though – I’ll be glad to see the end of zoom!

What is going to be the first drink you order at the bar?

Well – definitely a STRONG cosmopolitan! I’ve missed cocktails, I just cannot seem to make good enough one’s at home. Or a G & T, hopefully with a local Gin, Bucks is bursting with amazing Gin distillers!

Where have you missed visiting the most during the lockdown?

I’ve definitely missed bars! Especially places like The Snug & Bar Botanic in High Wycombe. As well as some of my local coffee shops that haven’t been able to open at all for takeaways. That being said, I love a coffee shop in general and it’s been hard to get that ‘experience’ when you’re just picking up a takeaway coffee.

I kept my love for some restaurants alive by ordering takeaways from them – I loved the Lata Lata at Home takeaway, it was a delight to experience the brilliance of their food at home – but I’m very excited to get back to their gorgeous location. I can’t wait to sit in a restaurant, and get that buzz & excitement of reading a menu, placing your order and eagerly waiting for its arrival.

Where is the first place you plan to visit when the restrictions are lifted?

Probably my local pub – The George & Dragon in West Wycombe they’re a fantastic team and they deserve all the support possible. I’m also hoping to go to The Full Moon Pub in Little Kingshill, Lata Lata in High Wycombe and Pluma in Amersham. I’m going to stick to independents as much as I can. Besides actual venues I’d love to go to more food markets, and visit more food stalls.

Foodies For Thought : What are you doing when lockdown eases?

If you are a foodie from Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Hertfordshire, get in touch as we would like to hear from you. We will be working with eateries in the Three Counties this summer and have a number of opportunities for foodies and food bloggers.

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