River Island – My shop of the week

Not a normal choice of shops for me personally as my day-to-day look is a lot more comfort/smart/casual than high fashion.  But I wanted to take a peak at their Rihanna range and as with a lot of retailers at the moment, their sale is on.  Never one to pass up a browse on-line, I have been pleasantly surprised.  Their fair prices seem to have won me over (but not so much so to risk a proper telling off from the husband for shopping AGAIN).  Delivery is £3.95 with free returns.  Be nice to see them offering free delivery to store like some other retailers.

With regards to the Rihanna range, it’s not for me.  A lot of crops and a very fashion led colour palette of black, grey white, acid yellow and denim.  But with prices as low as £20, I applaud them for letting all the young Rihanna fans have a piece of her style.  I know when I was younger if the Spice Girls had done a range with prices and pieces like this, I would have been there in a heartbeat.  Instead I made do with Bay Trading’s take on their pinstripe suits……


If I was going to buy something from Rihanna’s range would definitely be one of these, I love high neck sleeveless Tee’s


And some of my favourite sales picks;

£27 down to £15 (leather)


£25 down to £10


£35 down to £15


£25 down to £10
£30 down to £15


£45 down to £20, size 7’s only left on-line (leather)

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