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Well hello there! Hope you all had an eggcellent (sorry I couldn’t help myself) Easter break. Not that you’ll care too much to know about the author but my name is Emily Atkinson and you’ll find me bringing all things style-related to the table at TrendLife magazine from now on.

But enough about me I’m here to provide you with some inspiration. As a self-confessed shoe addict, who has been known to own over 70 pairs in my wardrobe, (see below for proof) I thought it would be appropriate to get a good rave in about my current favorites. The Office Shoes destroyer platforms.


As my motto in life has long been, “Both. ALWAYS, both.” I was all too easily persuaded into buying them in the black and white colours.  The fact the white ones were a limited edition version too made it impossible to let go (well, the lady told me so in Oxford Street Topshop). But it’s all good I got given a discount for buying both, so I won’t feel too guilty about it.


Cleated heels on Make A Gif


But we need to talk about the cleated heel thing that’s going on at the moment. Speaking from personal knowledge walking on a cleated heel is a somewhat strange yet exciting experience. Kind of like walking on springs in a way. The huge rubber sole makes some brilliant noises when walking on particular surfaces, plus if you step on gravel you can be sure to find many a rock lurking between those ridges! And I don’t need to tell you to be extra careful when walking around, because otherwise you’ll be falling from quite a height in these babies, again speaking from experience here…

Office Shoes Destroyer Cleated Heel Platform

Now I might actually sound like I’m trying to put you off these platformed wonders but I’m honestly not. Where’s the fun in fashion without a little risk? I will not go out without wearing one of these since I bought them, a couple of months ago. And bonus point, if you get hit by lightning you might survive with the sheer amount of rubber going on to protect you!

Cleated Heels Selection



1. Nasty Gal 2. Topshop 3. New Look 4. Vagabond 5. ASOS

But in all seriousness, this is definitely a trend that is not going anywhere at the moment. Remember Stella McCartney’s cleated mules that were seen on every important fashion industry person at the last fashion week? Well there is the reason you’ll be wearing them all through to next winter. Personally, I love anything with a chunky heel whether it’s a pair of Vagabond 90’s inspired boots or Jeffery Campbell’s ‘Reyes’ or ‘Mulder’ cleated shoes as they certainly bring a whole new level of fierceness to the table.

Long live the cleat!

Get your own pair of destroyers here: black pair  and white ones.

And do let me know how your styling your chunky cleated shoes by tagging me on Instagram or Twitter.

You can check out more of my daily mumbles, grumbles and inspirations on Instagram @emilylysianne and Twitter @EmilyLysianne_. I’m currently in the process of giving the old blog a much-needed facelift after a good year, so I’ll let you know when it’s ready for your viewing pleasure!

Emily x


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