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Six step workout nutrition checklist for exercise beginners

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exercise beginners

Exercise beginners have been offered a checklist detailing what they should always aim to consume when it comes to pre-workout nutrition. Experts at health and fitness site have revealed the food types to include in a pre-exercise meal, as well as tips regarding proper hydration and digestion.

Fuelling your body with the correct nutrients prior to exercise will give you the energy and strength you need to perform at your best.

Exercising on an empty stomach is generally not advisable, as you’ll lack the energy you need from carbohydrates to achieve your peak performance. 

As well as handling pre-workout nutrition correctly, you should try to keep the portion size appropriate to your fitness goals.

A spokesperson for said: “What you eat before a workout is incredibly important. Look at your body as you would any other machine, like a car for example. You wouldn’t attempt a non-stop 100-mile journey with just 20-miles in the tank, would you?

“Failing to do so can make you dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated or lethargic, and it can also make you more likely to injure yourself.

“Similarly, re-fuelling after exercise gives your body what it needs to recover from the exertion and build bigger, stronger muscles.

“If you’re mindful of what you eat before and after exercising, this will maximise the benefits of all your hard work at the gym, so try and tick off each of these six points.”

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Six Step Workout Nutrition Checklist For Exercise Beginners

1. Carbs

Carbs = energy. When we eat them, they break down into glucose, enter our muscle cells, and give us fuel to exercise at our maximum capacity. If you’re strapped for glucose during your workout, you’ll likely feel weak, tired, and tempted to call it quits.

2. Protein

When we do strength training exercises, like weight lifting, we create small tears in our muscle fibres. When you rest, your body repairs those microtears, building up your muscles bigger and stronger than they were before—and it needs protein to do so. But that doesn’t mean you want to devour a huge burger before a workout. Instead, go for sources of protein that are easily digestible, and don’t eat too much, so you don’t get an upset stomach halfway through.

3. Acetylcholine and high dopamine

Every state of mind and emotion is mirrored by a chemical. During most training sessions focus and drive are the name of the game, which means you want high acetylcholine and dopamine levels. The best foods to achieve this are red meat and nuts. Eggs, even though they are high in acetylcholine supporting nutrients, digest rather quickly so might not be the best option.

4. Fats

The amount of fat you choose to consume before you exercise is highly dependent on when you’re eating and your type of workout. Fat takes longer to digest than carbs and protein, so fat provides a longer stream of energy. If you’re eating a pre-workout meal at least two hours before a workout, you’ll likely want to include some source of fat. That’s also the case if you’ll be exercising at a moderate-to-low intensity for an extended period of time (i.e. walking, hiking, biking for 1-3 hours).

5. Digestion

Whatever you eat before a workout, you need to give your body enough time to digest it before exerting yourself. The ideal time to eat is between 30 minutes to three hours before your workout. That way you’re not still digesting when you hit the gym floor, but you haven’t gone and used up all those helpful calories yet.

Hydration- exercise beginners

Obviously, your body should be hydrated all of the time, but it’s particularly important to make sure you’re hydrated before and during exercise. A good place to start is drinking about two cups of water 2-3 hours before exercise and one cup of water 10 to 20 minutes before working out. The goal here is to minimize dehydration – which can cause low energy and muscle cramps – without drinking too much.  

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Local business launch “Brew for a Hero” campaign for NHS & key workers

Lee Hall



Local business launch “Brew for a Hero” campaign for NHS & key workers

Harpenden based Twist Teas have announced their “Brew for a Hero” campaign is back! Launched to support and boost morale for NHS staff and key workers, the Brew for a Hero” campaign gives people a chance to show their appreciation for all the heroes from all walks of life during the current pandemic. This could be anyone – local postal workers, refuse collectors and cleaners, emergency services and health care staff, teachers and chefs, community groups and volunteers.

Local business launch “Brew for a Hero” campaign for NHS & key workers

You can participate in the “Brew for a Hero” by nominating a NHS or key workers hero you know. Nominate your hero and give them a chance to win one of Twist Teas Rainbow inspired tea caddies. If you know a key worker, that you would like to surprise with a personalised Rainbow Caddy of tea, simply email your nominations to Please include a brief reason, as to why they deserve a little treat. Twist Teas will again be tasked with the difficult job of picking winners, to be announced on the 31st of January.

Local business launch “Brew for a Hero” campaign for NHS & key workers

Twist Teas will also be making caddies available to purchase via their website with profits going to NHS Charities. More information about Twist Teas can be found in our interview with founders, mother and daughter duo Nicky Kavanaugh & Claire Ayers.

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PureGym offer apology for Luton & Dunstable gym marketing faux pas

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PureGym offer apology for Luton & Dunstable gym marketing faux pas

PureGym have had to apologise for the local Luton & Dunstable gym after a post of a ‘slavery-based’ fitness workout was published on their Facebook page – Five days into Black History Month.

If there was ever a lesson to be learned on cultural sensitivity, this marketing ‘faux pas’ would be it. The intense and insensitive workout was inadvertently promoted on the Luton & Dunstable PureGym Facebook page as ’12 Years Of Slave’. It would seem that the author of the post has leaned upon inspiration from the Oscar-winning 2013 film “12 Years a Slave”. Mistake number one.

Whilst it is obvious that there was no racist intent behind the post, the incident has raised a number of questions around companies and brands attempting to enter the choppy waters of political and social discussions.

Describing both slavery and the work out as ‘hard’, the author of the post goes on to describe the workout. ‘The twist to this is 1 rep of your 1st exercise, 2 of the second but before you move on to the 3rd exercise, which is also 3 reps, you must start at the beginning to move on. AND that’s how the entire workout goes.’

The workout itself consists of 100m sprint, push-ups, box jumps, deadlifts, burpees, and some good old squats thrown in for good measure. Nothing about this can be compared to a day of enforced enslavement. That is where the second mistake lies for PureGym. The author of this post clearly is not a marketing expert. Nothing about the post was written with racist intent. Nothing about the post was written with thought. It was an opportunistic move as the same post had been previously used a year ago by the author at a different location.

The sad thing about this whole car crash is a few hours before posting the advert for the ’12 Years Of Slave’ workout, the Luton & Dunstable gym posted an inspirational message about celebrating Black History.

A statement from PureGym has since apologised for the post, saying that it was a decision made by the local branch. The statement said: “PureGym apologises unreservedly for a post made today by our gym in Luton. This post is wholly unacceptable, was not approved or endorsed by the company and was removed as soon as it was brought to our attention. Each of our 271 gyms has its own social media channels which are run locally. We take this matter extremely seriously and are urgently investigating how and why this post was made.

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Smile with a free teeth whitening makeover from Church Road Dental

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Smile confidently with a *free* teeth whitening makeover

Welwyn Garden City’s Church Road Dental are giving our lucky readers the chance to win a dazzling free teeth whitening makeover worth over £400.

What is tooth whitening ?

Tooth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. It cannot make a complete colour change, but it may lighten the existing shade.

Deep Bleaching works by increasing the tooth’s permeability to oxygen which breaks down stain molecules. It is a combination treatment meaning that there is a 2 week home treatment followed by 1 hour visit at the dentist (optional).

Teeth are stained by the foods and drinks we consume. Smoking further stains teeth and the natural bright, white shade becomes darkened. Teeth whitening is a successful and simple method of lightening the colour of your teeth. The degree of whiteness achieved will vary from patient to patient and with the type of bleaching process chosen.

Smile confidently with a *free* teeth whitening makeover from Church Road Dental

What are the benefits tooth whitening ?

One of the benefits of tooth whitened is an improvement in general self esteem, making us happier and more content.

Over time our teeth may become discoloured by certain foods that we eat, drinking coffee or red wine, smoking, and how well we brush and floss. Whitening can help by producing a younger looking effect. If we’re not embarrassed by or conscious of our teeth, we smile naturally and confidently. Smiling has been shown to improve mood by triggering the production of endorphins.

Dental professionals have noticed that patients who’ve had their teeth whitened tend to show an improvement in their oral health care routine. Experiencing the advantages of whiter teeth often leads us to take good care when brushing, flossing, and seeing our dentist for professional cleanings. Since good oral health can improve your overall health and prevent many diseases, this is by far the most important reason to consider teeth whitening.

How do I enter the competition ?

For a chance to win, follow or like Church Road Dental on Instgram or Facebook. Then share their teeth whitening post and tag TWO friends. More information is available upon request from Church Road Dental.

Smile confidently with a *free* teeth whitening makeover from Church Road Dental

About Church Road Dental

Church Road Dental provide excellent dental care in a safe and relaxing environment. Their team of dentists, nurses, hygienists and technicians provide all the treatment and advice that patients need to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile! Church Road Dental is located at 4A Church Road, Welwyn Garden City.

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