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A first look inside a £850,000 luxury home in Maulden Bedfordshire



A first look inside a £850,000 luxury home in Maulden Bedfordshire

Do you have a spare million to spend on a brand new luxury home? Regardless of the answer, we have an exclusive first look inside a £850,000 luxury home in Maulden Bedfordshire. Housebuilder Mulberry Homes is encouraging Bedfordshire property seekers to enquire about the final executive four and five-bedroom homes available at its Maulden Ridge development in Maulden.

Mulberry Homes’ Maulden Ridge development in Maulden

Located off Clophill Road, Maulden Ridge is a stunning collection of just 49 homes, of which over 80 per cent have already sold. The development is proving to be immensely popular, and is more than ideal for growing families, downsizers and professionals now working remotely.

Properties at Maulden Ridge can benefit from Mulberry Homes’ ‘Your Lifestyle, Your Space’ initiative*, where homeowners can look to purchase a stunning stand-alone garden room, perfect for working from home or providing an additional recreation area. Alternatively, or in addition, a lifestyle room may be purchased on selected properties where the garages have been adapted and “future proofed”, providing a fantastic space which is accessed by its own staircase, once again ideal for working from home, entertaining or relaxing.

Do you have a spare million to spend on a brand new luxury home? Regardless of the answer, we have an exclusive first look inside a £850,000 luxury home in Maulden Bedfordshire

Currently available at Maulden Ridge is the final five-bedroom Earlswood style home, priced at just £854,950. Interested property seekers can now book an appointment to tour the Earlswood showhome, and be provided time with a dedicated sales advisor.

Do you have a spare million to spend on a brand new luxury home? Regardless of the answer, we have an exclusive first look inside a £850,000 luxury home in Maulden Bedfordshire

At just under 2000 square feet, the Earlswood style home benefits from a contemporary kitchen/family space at the rear of the property, featuring a fully-fitted kitchen with integrated, top-of-the-line Bosch appliances.

At the front of the home is a spacious living room with a large fireplace, perfect for relaxing in with the family after a long day. Both the living room and the kitchen/family space feature bi fold doors that open right on to the garden, allowing buyers to make the most of the property’s rear garden space.

Upstairs are five generous bedrooms, two of which come complete with en suites for an extra luxurious feel. Along with the en suite, the main bedroom also includes a large fitted wardrobe. The home is completed with a generous dining room, family bathroom, storage cupboards, cloakroom and utilities room.

Interior of the Earlswood style showhome at Maulden

Kerry Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Mulberry Homes, said: “Maulden Ridge is in a fantastic location. Situated in the heart of the Greensand Country of Bedfordshire, homeowners at the development can enjoy this beautiful landscape and be a part of a wonderful village community, with many key amenities nearby.

“We’re big supporters of the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership due to our shared values. Last year, we were the key sponsors of the annual Greensand Country Festival, because we believe in protecting the environment whilst addressing the evolving needs of local communities and businesses.

Do you have a spare million to spend on a brand new luxury home? Regardless of the answer, we have an exclusive first look inside a £850,000 luxury home in Maulden Bedfordshire

“We don’t expect the beautiful, luxury homes at Maulden Ridge to stay available for long, and would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch with our sales team as soon as possible.”

Life in the peaceful village of Maulden provides residents with all the benefits that a rural location has to offer, as well as convenient access to a range of local amenities. Just over two miles away is the thriving town of Ampthill, which boasts many opportunities for peaceful walks and wildlife spotting under the brow of the Greensand Ridge.


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New ‘Rate Reducer’ Scheme for Bedfordshire First Time Buyers



Exciting News for First-Time Home Buyers: The Launch of "Rate Reducer"

In a pioneering initiative aimed at making the dream of owning a home more attainable, the new “Rate Reducer” mortgage scheme has been launched. This innovative program, developed through a collaboration between Halifax, Virgin Money, and Barratt Developments, is set to revolutionize how first-time buyers in Bedfordshire approach home buying. This unique opportunity could see eligible homeowners enjoy mortgage rates as low as 1.89%.

How Does Rate Reducer Work?

The mechanics behind Rate Reducer are ingeniously simple and highly beneficial. The scheme uses incentives provided by housebuilders to directly reduce the interest on mortgage payments over a fixed term. For example, if a builder offers a 5% discount on the purchase price of a home, Rate Reducer uses this amount to decrease the mortgage interest. Homebuyers have the flexibility to apply this discount over the first two or five years, depending on the lender’s terms.

Immediate Benefits and Long-Term Gains

The immediate advantage of Rate Reducer is the significant reduction in monthly mortgage payments, making it easier for new homeowners to manage their finances as they settle into their new homes. Eliot Darcy, the founder of Own New, expressed his confidence in the scheme, stating, “Our ethos is to make home ownership and mortgage lending in this country open to more people, and we are confident that the launch of the Own New Rate Reducer will achieve that.”

Exciting News for First-Time Home Buyers: The Launch of "Rate Reducer"

A Smoother Financial Journey

Craig Calder from Virgin Money sheds light on the emotional and financial comfort that Rate Reducer brings to the table. “Buying a home is a major life event, and this first-of-its-kind mortgage product will help customers feel happier about their big purchase,” he explained. This scheme allows new homeowners to focus on personalizing their new space without the stress of high initial mortgage payments.

Supporting Dreams and Providing Choices

Halifax’s Amanda Bryden emphasizes the choice and support offered by Rate Reducer. “This product gives customers more choice in the way they can benefit from builder incentives and is especially helpful to those who want to see a lower initial mortgage payment as they get set up in their new home,” she noted.

Step Forward with Confidence

Rate Reducer not only makes the initial years of homeownership more manageable but also ensures that buyers are making a sound investment. The program requires buyers to consult with regulated mortgage brokers who have been specifically trained to guide them through this new scheme, ensuring that each homeowner makes the best financial decision for their long-term goals.

This partnership between leading lenders and housebuilders is a robust step toward fulfilling the homeownership dreams of many. With thoughtful planning and the right financial advice, stepping onto the property ladder in Bedfordshire has never been easier.

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Mulberry Homes shares top tips on dealing with stress at home



Eat healthy in your Mulberry Homes property

Luxury housebuilder Mulberry Homes is sharing its top tips on defusing stress at home this National Stress Awareness Day, taking place on Wednesday 2nd November, to help its residents beat the mania of modern life.

Clear out unwanted clutter - Mulberry Homes

  1. Clear out unwanted clutter

There’s never a perfect opportunity to declutter and sort through all your belongings, but it can be a very cathartic experience. Removing unwanted items from your home can help you focus on the things that really mean a lot to you.

A clear and organised space can help you feel more relaxed, and it’ll be much easier to destress without being surrounded by clutter.

Maintain a healthy sleep schedule - Mulberry Homes

  1. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule

During particularly stressful times, it can be easy to slip into bad habits like not getting enough sleep, which can make the stress worse.

A full night’s sleep will help you to recharge quickly, and provide you with enough energy to get through the busy days.

Eat healthy - Mulberry Homes

  1. Eat healthy

It’s easy to take comfort in junk food, especially with the convenience of takeaways. But eating unhealthily will put your body at a disadvantage when it comes to coping with and recovering from stress.

A healthy diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and wholegrains, is a great way to improve wellbeing. 

Make use of your garden - Mulberry Homes

  1. Make use of your garden

Being in the outdoors is proven to be beneficial for your mental wellbeing. Surrounding yourself with greenery and breathing in fresh air is an excellent thing to make sure you do every now and again, especially if you’ve been indoors all day.

Stay Fit in your Mulberry Homes property

  1. Stay active

Many of us nowadays lead very inactive lifestyles, both at work and at home, looking at screens. However, short bursts of physical exercise are proven to boost your mood.

Releasing those endorphins into your system is an excellent way to unwind and to prepare yourself best for dealing with the upcoming stress of the day. Try going for a run in the morning, or a walk after work.

About Mulberry Homes

This year, Mulberry Homes has been running a monthly community fund, called The Mulberry Community Chest.

As part of the programme, charities and public organisations local to its developments are invited to apply to receive a one-off donation of £1 to £1000, and each month, a judging panel will select a beneficiary to secure the requested funding. For more information or to submit an application, visit

About Mulberry Homes

Established in 2011 and based in Warwickshire, Mulberry Homes is a medium housebuilder that provides quality properties across the wider midlands. It specialises in individual and small developments with their own looks and personalities and builds traditional homes with modern layouts.


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The Almere Milton Keynes launches Neighbourhood Hero initiative



The Almere Milton Keynes support local businesses

‘All about the community’, The Almere prides themselves on making living easy for their residents. With residents set to move this month, the exciting new community boasts co-working, communal and event spaces within the building.

The ground floor ‘Gathering Place’ is bookable to the local community and to residents, whilst upstairs on the 11th floor sits an amenity space for residents, where part will be for co-working, roof terraces to hang out, barbeques and yoga classes. Additionally, there will also be a fitted kitchen and dining area which can be closed off for a private dining experience.

The Almere Neighbourhood Hero initiative

With community at its heart, The Almere aims to build relationships and work collaboratively with local businesses to guide residents to the best spots and products in town. The Almere’s new Neighbourhood Hero initiative has handpicked local, and predominantly independent businesses to connect residents with the true value of living in Milton Keynes, highlighting all that there is to offer.

Milton Keynes' DeRoka is part of The Almere Local Hero initiative

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic having had such an impact on small, independent businesses it’s key to get people back out there and supporting locally. The Neighbourhood Hero initiative is a fantastic example of this, helping businesses to thrive and regain their position within the economy. Current Heroes include Bogota Coffee Co; DeRoka; Fuuudgelife; Suds; Sweat Studios; Doorstep Cocktails; Mollys Pantry; Pup Club; Headonist Hair and Beauty; and Moxy Hotel.

Benefits of the Almere led scheme include:

  • Feature on The Almere website, with regular spotlights and tags on social media channels
  • Exposure to over 600+ residents, and the ability to send offers and deals to them, without incurring any marketing costs
  • Welcomed as a core part of the community, allowing the businesses to use the communal spaces to hold pop-up events for residents and the local community
  • Include collateral in the ‘move in packs’ for new residents, for free
  • Invited to all community events at The Almere, and work together on collaborative event activations

Community Manager, Holly Birmingham explains, “Community is so important to us at The Almere – it is all about  meaningful connections both within our own four walls and the wider neighbourhood. At The Almere, we aren’t just a building,  we are a new community in the heart of Milton Keynes. We want to support the brilliant local businesses around us, create lasting relationships and of course, show our residents the best our town has to offer.”

The Almere Local Hero initiative

The new scheme offers an exciting experience for local businesses to work on an exclusive basis with the upcoming, Milton Keynes hotspot, offer discounts to residents and in turn help show the rest of the UK what Milton Keynes has to offer!

About The Almere

A pioneering new rental community for Milton Keynes, The Almere, is a collection of 294 rental apartments built across two buildings with neighbourhood and outstanding service experience at its core.

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