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Sick of giving your kids a time out? Maybe you need one instead.



Sick of giving your kids a time out? Maybe you need one instead.

Starting the new year can be a struggle for some families. Everyone always talks about the January blues, but what then? Parents go back to work and the whole routine of school is back in full swing. It can sometimes take a few weeks to really find your feet. From night-time wake ups, packing lunches, washing, dressing, cleaning, cooking, homework, pick-ups, activities, worries about children, it can all play a part on our wellbeing. Where does it leave time for the parents?

In the middle of the madness, it is the parents that are left with the strain of family and home life. I am not saying that this means home life is an unhappy one, but let’s be honest here, it’s tough going. There can be many avenues that can lead parents to forget about themselves. Which can lead to our mental and physical health being affected.

I am here to share some Wellbeing and Lifestyle tips for parents. We must keep in tune with our mental and physical wellbeing. This is also setting an example for our littles ones.

Self Care

It is very important to get some time to ourselves – completely alone. This gives us time to breath away from the needs of others. We get the space to think about our own personal life. Sometimes people like going to the hairdressers or the luxury of a spa day.

The Grove Hotel

Others just like to go for a walk,workout at the gym or have a hot bath. What ever it is, try and find the time to make it happen. It is very important to communicate with your partner about your feelings.

Understanding that you both need to find time alone to do the things you once enjoyed before having children. Loss of identity is very common amongst parents so finding time to connect with yourself again is important. Adjusting to parenthood can take time, so be kind to yourself and don’t forget that you matter too!

Time as a couple

I know trying to find time alone is tricky enough but when you might have to organise someone to watch the childrenwhile you and your partner get time to go out can be even harder. I don’t want to give you unrealistic goals but there are ways of reconnecting with your partner in between the mayhem of parenthood.

If you can get childcare, then great! Myself and my partner arrange a babysitter once a month on payday, we head out for brunch and a catch up (we call it a ‘Day Date’). Last time we went out it felt like a first date! We laughed, talked about the little ones (because let’s face it they take up a lot of our time), spoke about what was going on in our own lives as individuals and so on. If you find it hard and are unable to get someone to watch the children. Why not have a date night at home?

Make a swanky meal, candles, music , maybe a movie after and one very important tip – no phones! Knowing when to put your phone down can make such a huge difference. When you have small ones in the house their voices are the loudest. Putting your phone down, interacting and listening to your partner without the children around really can make a difference.

In day to day life small gestures can go a long way so don’t forget a kiss and cuddle here and there. Just reminding your partner that they are not forgotten, they do matter and reminding them that they are loved can make a huge difference to their day.

Family Time

Every day is different when you have children. No matter how much you try to keep a routine it can get hard to maintainevery single day. Getting everyone out of the house and doing a family activity can be big effort for some but will do everyone the world of good. I know that some of the family parks can be a hefty strain on your wallet, however, there are loads of fun free family days available throughout the whole year across The Three Counties. I understand that sometimes even going out can be stressful but try to plan ahead. There are many outdoor places you can visit, why not make it an adventure?

This will give the children time to run and explore. You can also get involved, leaving no space for the stress of a ‘big day out’. Another idea would be to redeem some family friendly restaurant vouchers. You can find loads online for local restaurants. Going somewhere knowing it is ‘family friendly’ can be a comfort for parents.

Just remember, no matter what stage your children are at its all temporary and if you are having a hard time it will soon pass. Having time as individuals and as a family is important. Actively making it happen can play a part towards yourpositive mental and physical wellbeing.

About me

Hello, My name is Liz Alexander. I am mum of two and a true believer as a parent that self care is vital. After having my first child I neglected my own personal needs which led to many problems. Growing and connecting with ‘me’ as a person again became very important. Many parents struggle with loss of identity and I want to remind them that they matter too. 

I am a mum of two and a true believer as a parent that self-care is vital. After having my first child I neglected my own personal needs which led to many problems. Growing and connecting with ‘me’ as a person again became very important. Many parents struggle with the loss of identity and I want to remind them that they matter too. 

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The Wellness Hub in Berkhamsted welcomes IV Boost therapy clinic



IV Boost – a renowned IV therapy clinic on London’s Wimpole Street – has opened at The Wellness Hub in Berkhamsted.

IV Boost – a renowned IV therapy clinic on London’s Wimpole Street – has opened at The Wellness Hub in Berkhamsted.  Founded in 2005 by medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz, IV Boost takes a holistic approach to health and wellness to help boost and restore the body’s natural ability to be well, energised and able to resist ageing.

IV Boost – a renowned IV therapy clinic on London’s Wimpole Street – has opened at The Wellness Hub in Berkhamsted.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr Josh and the IV Boost to The Wellness Hub and are excited to be offering our customers these fantastic IV therapies,” says Emma James, MD and owner The Wellness Hub on Lower Kings Street. “IV Boost prides itself on its medical skills and personalised approach which mirrors our commitment to offering bespoke wellbeing solutions. I have no doubt its services will prove popular in complementing and enhancing our existing range of therapies which include physiotherapy, massage, beauty therapy, sports massage, Pilates, personal training and yoga.”

IV Boost – a renowned IV therapy clinic on London’s Wimpole Street – has opened at The Wellness Hub in Berkhamsted.

“We have been very impressed by The Wellness Hub and have been made most welcome here,” says Dr Joshua Berkowitz.  “IV therapy is increasingly popular as a means to achieving optimum health and we have been looking for a new clinic outside London to meet the growing demand for our services.

“The Wellness Hub is the perfect site for IV Boost and we look forward to meeting its customers.  We recognise that IV therapy will be new to many people and clients can rest assured they will have a consultation before any therapy to ensure it suits their exact needs.”

IV Vitamin Therapy

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy has been practised for many years, often to support conventional medical treatment of a wide range of health conditions. It is the fastest way to deliver nutrients throughout the body because it bypasses the digestive system and is 90-100% absorbed directly into the organs (compared to 20-50% absorption if taken orally).

Vitamin Shots

A vitamin shot is an intramuscular injection that treats various vitamin deficiencies. It is absorbed into your bloodstream via your muscles. Unlike vitamins taken orally, vitamin shots bypass the digestive system and result in a 90-100% absorption rate. Many people feel the effects within hours of the treatment which takes just a few minutes to administer.

IV Boost – a renowned IV therapy clinic on London’s Wimpole Street – has opened at The Wellness Hub in Berkhamsted.

Ozone Therapy

Medical grade ozone is a highly active and reactive form of oxygen which is prepared by a highly skilled practitioner just before being administered. Ozone therapy can restore optimum oxygen levels in the body by increasing the red blood cell count and this, in turn, stimulates the release of oxygen into the body’s tissues.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing gives a very clear picture of your health and can help pinpoint problems that may be missed through consultation or ‘standard’ blood tests offered by GPs. IV Boost uses a leading London laboratory which offers a very quick turnaround of precise, accurate results.

Aesthetic Treatments

IV Boost can deliver a range of non-surgical treatments to enhance the appearance and treat the visible signs of ageing. These rejuvenating treatments use the latest evidence-based products and cutting-edge technology to deliver safe, effective and long-lasting effects. Performed to the highest standard, each treatment plan is tailored to address individual concerns to optimise results.

About IV Boost

IV Boost is located in The Wellness Hub, 26 Lower kings road, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 2AE

For more details on IV Boost in Berhhamsted, visit

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Air Aesthetics & Wellness opens in Christopher Place St Albans



Air Aesthetics & Wellness opens in Christopher Place St Albans

Air Aesthetics & Wellness is a brand new, state-of-the-art clinic in St Albans’ Christopher Place that’s just been launched by Dr Claire Oliver.  It promises to bring a touch of ‘Harley Street to Hertfordshire’ with its doctor-led, FDA-cleared treatments that not only help with skin health and rejuvenation from the inside out but also collagen banking and even guaranteed fat loss.  Air Aesthetics & Wellness strap-line is: “Still You, but on a really good day.”

What does ‘Still You, but on a really good day’ mean?

Air Aesthetics & Wellness prides itself on its holistic, ethical, and natural results approach to aesthetics and wellness.  They strive for beauty and confidence from the inside out and help clients to be the best version of themselves through a 360-degree approach encompassing advanced clinical skincare and rejuvenation, clinical facials, beauty treatments, diet and nutrition, and – just as important – exercise. In short, it’s their aim to turn back time, making you a fresher version of your best self.

Air Aesthetics & Wellness opens in Christopher Place St Albans


The luxury clinic offers pioneering, FDA-approved aesthetic treatments that are not only doctor-led, but that deliver proven and safe results without the need for invasive surgery and downtime.  Alongside the treatments, there is a dedicated Wellness Clinic offering advice on nutrition, functional medicine, Menopause/HRT, and intimate female treatments associated with ageing.

Dr Oliver and her team have worked hard for over a decade in Henley in Arden and Birmingham and have won many major awards including ‘Best Clinic – Midlands and Wales’ in the 2021 Aesthetics Awards.  They are hopeful that St Albans will be equally well received.

Air Aesthetics is doctor-led.  What does that actually mean?

It means they can offer the best, advanced skin rejuvenation treatments available – and you can be safe in the knowledge that you are being treated by a highly trained doctor.  Dr Claire Oliver (pictured) is both Medical Director (GDC 70918), and founder, and still leads the clinic.  Claire has over 20 years’ experience as an aesthetics practitioner and has dedicated her professional career to the study of skin health and ageing.  She remains passionate that healthy skin really is at the heart of looking good, feeling great and being confident in your own skin.

Dr Oliver is supported in St Albans by Dr Zartash Badar, as well as a team of highly skilled, medical aestheticians – three of whom have been employed from the local St Albans area.

What brings you to St Albans?

“I’m extremely excited about launching our clinic in St Albans.  We’ve invested over £750,000 in the clinic and will bring Harley Street standards to Hertfordshire.  Our mission, at Air, is to make it much easier for clients in St Albans to access doctor-led, 360-degree skin rejuvenation and fat loss solutions in a beautiful clinic environment – without the need to trek into central London,” said Dr Oliver.

What has surprised you most about St Albans?

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the welcome we’ve already received in St Albans: from our neighbours in Christopher Place to residents dropping in, saying hello and stopping to speak. We are keen to partner or work collaboratively with local businesses to create interesting events enhancing the experience St Albans offers – so we’d welcome people to drop by and speak to us,” added Dr Oliver.

How can people find out more about Air Aesthetics & Wellness or book a consultation?

Call 01727 221 773, email or visit

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Milton Keynes welcomes the award-winning nail salon Townhouse MK



Townhouse MK at Hbeauty

From Fitzrovia via Knightsbridge and the M1, London’s award-winning cult nail salon Townhouse is opening Townhouse MK this November. Billed to be the trendiest destinations for nails in Milton Keynes, Townhouse MK is being described as the perfect buzzy space for a catch up with your friends over a manicure.

Townhouse MK will be located in the new H Beauty by Harrods department store at Centre:MK. Featuring semi-private pedicure stations – including fun peep hatches inspired by business class flight seat dividers, marble manicure bars and chic fabrics with accents of gold. 

Townhouse MK at Hbeauty 1

In salon, guests will have access to Townhouse’s multi-award winning treatment menu and seasonal nail art collections, as well as Harrods exclusive designs. Treatments on offer will range from quick Express treatments for customers on the go to indulgent Luxury treats.

About Townhouse MK

Founded in 2018 by Juanita Huber-Millet, Townhouse is revolutionising nail care – not only elevating the way nails are done but reimagining the process from start to finish for the modern age – incorporating easy online bookings, impeccable hygiene standards, beautifully designed spaces and stable, rewarding careers for its employees. 

This has brought acclaim far and wide – described by Marie Claire as “Hands down the best nail salon” – and multiple award wins, including being named “Best Nail Salon” at the prestigious Scratch Awards in July 2021 and the Professional Beauty & World Spa Awards in October 2021. With a cult Celeb / VIP following including biggest selling artist in history Drake, big screen actresses, Love Island stars and of course the loyal Londoner crowd – it’s no question Townhouse are the best at what they do.

Townhouse MK Address

H Beauty
28 Acorn Walk
Milton Keynes

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