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iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S3. Let the fight commence

Lee Hall



While Apple fans continue to drool over the new iPhone 5, Android enthusiasts are still enjoying the many features of the phone that is the iPhone’s major rival and that is the popular and very much-loved Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Looking at things a little closer we know that both have very different operating systems, but nevertheless, in some ways, both handsets have some attributes in common.

We will not go too deep into this as we would not want to send you off to sleep, so here is a little take on both devices, please do have a read and let us know if you prefer the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3.

iPhone 5

Since it was launched in September, the iPhone 5 has proved to be massively popular. The phone is lighter than previous iPhones at 112g and has a four-inch screen. It comes in white as well as black, both of which have a two-tone effect on the backplate. The iPhone 5 has a more advanced form of antenna, meaning it should be nearly impossible to lose a signal. It generally increases the power of GPS lock-on and also improves the call connection.

The headphone jack is now located on the bottom of the phone and a new Lightning port has been added, plus the phone is thinner and more compact than its predecessors.

The iPhone functions over 2G, 3G, and 4G networks and has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB capability. The primary camera is 8MP and the secondary 1.2MP, and the phone can record video and images simultaneously.


Samsung Galaxy S3

Much admired since its release in May, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the top-selling smartphone until now, with 10 million handsets sold in less than two months. This is also a thinner and reasonably lightweight phone at 131g, however, the casing has a somewhat plastic feel. Samsung Galaxy S3 has a larger screen than the iPhone at 4.8 inches. It comes in either grey or black and supports SD cards; users can output HD content to a television set via an HDMI cable.

Samsung Galaxy S3 functions over 2G, 3G, and 4G networks and has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC and USB capability. The primary camera is 8MP and the secondary 1.9MP, and the phone can record video and images simultaneously.

Key differences

The iPhone 5 is lighter and slimmer than the Samsung Gallery S3, however, it has a smaller display area, although the resolution is higher quality at 326 ppi compared to Samsung’s 306 ppi. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is not as comfortable in the hand as the iPhone 5, although it has particularly good battery life with up to 16 hours talk time compared with the iPhone 5, which offers up to 8 hours talk time.

One important difference between Samsung phones and iPhones generally is that people who have bought earlier iPhone versions, such as an iPhone 4 or 4S, can use iPhone 4 unlock to search for better network deals, to save mobile roaming rates when abroad, or simply to insert a different sim card in their handset.

Fit for purpose

Both phones have natural language commands and dictation, active noise cancellation with a dedicated microphone, TV-out capacity, voice memo/dial/commands and a good selection of apps.

Samsung Galaxy S3 may be particularly suitable for work use as it features Dropbox (50 GB storage), Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), Calendar plus Google Search, Maps and Gmail. The Apple iPhone 5 may be a better bet for social networking as it has Twitter and Facebook integration and good storage capabilities via the iCloud cloud service.

The iPhone 5 Maps feature, however, has failed to impress and Apple have promised a complete overhaul of the map software.

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Local business launch “Brew for a Hero” campaign for NHS & key workers

Lee Hall



Local business launch “Brew for a Hero” campaign for NHS & key workers

Harpenden based Twist Teas have announced their “Brew for a Hero” campaign is back! Launched to support and boost morale for NHS staff and key workers, the Brew for a Hero” campaign gives people a chance to show their appreciation for all the heroes from all walks of life during the current pandemic. This could be anyone – local postal workers, refuse collectors and cleaners, emergency services and health care staff, teachers and chefs, community groups and volunteers.

Local business launch “Brew for a Hero” campaign for NHS & key workers

You can participate in the “Brew for a Hero” by nominating a NHS or key workers hero you know. Nominate your hero and give them a chance to win one of Twist Teas Rainbow inspired tea caddies. If you know a key worker, that you would like to surprise with a personalised Rainbow Caddy of tea, simply email your nominations to Please include a brief reason, as to why they deserve a little treat. Twist Teas will again be tasked with the difficult job of picking winners, to be announced on the 31st of January.

Local business launch “Brew for a Hero” campaign for NHS & key workers

Twist Teas will also be making caddies available to purchase via their website with profits going to NHS Charities. More information about Twist Teas can be found in our interview with founders, mother and daughter duo Nicky Kavanaugh & Claire Ayers.

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Watford businesses to decide on the future of Watford BID

Lee Hall



Welome to Watford - Watford BID

Watford BID have launched a video highlighting the reasons why they believe they deserve a second 5-year term. Many residents in Watford are aware of Watford BID but not many understand exactly what they do and more importantly, how integral their work is to the success of Watford.

What is a BID and why are they so important?

Essentially, a BID (Business Improvement District) is a business-led and business funded body formed to improve a specific area in which a levy is charged on all business rate payers. This levy is used to develop projects and provide services which benefit businesses in the local area. This can include:

  • Activities to increase visitors to the area
  • Reducing overall business costs for levy members
  • Marketing and promotion of the area such
  • Lobbying councils/local government
  • Working with local police to reduce anti-social behaviour

There is no limit on what projects or services that can be provided through a Business Improvement District. Some BIDS are more effective at certain tasks than others for a number of reasons but overall, the benefits BIDs offer to the various towns across Beds, Bucks & Herts is immeasurable.

Three reasons for Watford BID to get renewed

We have selected what we believe are the three main reasons why Watford BID should get renewed.

1. Watford BID offers a central point of contact

At a time when the Government don’t know if they are coming or going, having a central point for all information relating to Watford offers residents, visitors and business owners a much-needed level of clarity. Social distancing procedures and safety communication both need harmonisation to keep Watford Town safe.

Watford BID have been extremely informative on Social Media and in the district sharing key information such as this statement on the national lockdown from the Mayor of Watford.

intu Watford outlines how it will keep people safe

Typically a Business Improvement District is within a local authority boundary but in April 2013 government introduced Cross Boundary Business Improvement Districts enabling Business Improvement Districts to operate across local authority boundaries.

2. Watford Restaurants & Bars will need support after the lockdowns end

Promoting Watford’s entertainment venues post-covid is going to need a lot of collaborative support post covid. Individual businesses taking to to social media to posts and update Facebook is not going to tempt the same numbers back to the district’s nightlife venues.

By having one organisation working alongside all the venues to promote Watford as an entertainment destination, visitors will hear one concise message that Watford is open for business.

Watford Bars are going need the support of Watford BID to boost footfall post-covid

3. Think of the benefits for residents and visitors

There have been calls for BIDs across The Three Counties to do more by some levy payers but in fairness, the amount of work involved in some of the projects is not to be underestimated such as launching The Watford Gift Card.

It is also important to understand that alongside promoting what’s on in Watford and things to do in Watford, the organisation is a key source for useful information for those living in and visiting Watford.

Welome to Watford - Watford BID

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Could this be the biggest clue for a Five Guys in Stevenage?




Could this be a big clue for a Five Guys in Stevenage

Regardless of lockdowns and coronavirus, people want food. Fans of Five Guys could be getting a late Christmas present with a new Five Guys in Stevenage. A recent job post on the Five Guys recruitment page for a General Manager in the Stevenage area has got locals excited about the possible arrival of the much loved American Chain.

Could this be the biggest clue for a Five Guys in Stevenage?

Could this be the biggest clue for a Five Guys in Stevenage?

Spotted by an eagled eyed member of ‘Stevenage Chit Chat‘, the advert for a General Manager drops a few clues at a possible opening of a Five Guys in Stevenage.

Google Treasure Map highlighting a empty unit perfect for a Five Guys in Stevenage

Unit 10 appears empty on Google Maps

Clue No.1 for a Five Guys in Stevenage – The perfect scene

Nothing cements a clue in a mystery more than a location. The recruitment team have placed a X on the spot and that is 51°54’02.4″N 0°12’33.7″W. For all the normal people reading this, that is Unit 10 in Stevenage Leisure Park. This was home to Pizza Hut since late 2002 but this recent Google treasure map shows the unit is currently empty.

Clue No.2 for a Five Guys in Stevenage – A job for an ‘accomplice’

Did we mention there is a second job advert for a ‘Assistant Manager? If one job advert was not enough proof, two should be enough to convince you that plans are afoot for a Five Guys in Stevenage.

Clue No.3 for a Five Guys in Stevenage – A motive

What more motive do you need than hungry people in Stevenage in need of a good burger? A Five Guys in Stevenage is well overdue. It could even tempt Sir Lewis Hamilton back to Stevenage.


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