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The guide to local rivalries between Hertfordshire towns : Part 1

Hertfordshire is a county like no other. Well that is according to many of its residents. Whether you were born and bred in Hertfordshire or moved to one of the Hertfordshire towns for a piece of that fine Hertfordshire life, you will know that it is one of the best places to live in the UK.

Hertfordshire continues to poll high in many surveys looking at living standards, income and overall happiness. These have included the ‘Sunday Times Best Places to Live’ and independent surveys from the likes of USwitch.

Whilst this has been great for ‘team Hertfordshire‘, polls looking at individual Hertfordshire towns (and ranking them) have created division and a touch of snobbery. Historically, there have always been rivalries between towns located near each other however, there are some unique rivalries between Hertfordshire towns. Over a series of posts and potentially a documentary, we are going to create ‘The guide to local rivalries between Hertfordshire towns‘.

The guide to local rivalries between Hertfordshire towns

The guide to local rivalries between Hertfordshire towns

  • Does St Albans believe its head and shoulders above the rest because of their city status?
  • Who really cares Watford have had a premiership team?
  • Do Letchworth & Hitchin still vie over the number of pubs they have?

These are the types of friendly rivalries we would like to get to the bottom of. We are not talking purely sports rivalries. That would be too simplistic. We will be looking at the history of local ‘friendly’ rivalries between Hertfordshire towns. Our goal is to focus on:

  • Historical ties that have caused rivalries
  • Rivalries started because of local amenities
  • Bizarre claims to fame
  • and last but not least, simple old jealously.

What next?

At this stage, we want to get local input from residents in Hertfordshire. We want to know which town you come from and who you which Hertfordshire town do you think is your towns rival?

We have ranked the various Hertfordshire towns based on populations and selected the top 20. We will collate the views and opinions from Hertfordshire locals on who they think is their town’s rival and why.

# Settlement District Population (2011)
1 Watford Watford 131,982
2 Hemel Hempstead Dacorum 94,932
3 Stevenage Stevenage 89,663
4 St Albans St Albans 82,146
5 Welwyn Garden City Welwyn Hatfield 48,380
6 Cheshunt Broxbourne 45,832
7 Hoddesdon Broxbourne 42,253
8 Bishop’s Stortford East Hertfordshire 37,838
9 Hatfield Welwyn Hatfield 37,577
10 Borehamwood Hertsmere 35,489
11 Hitchin North Hertfordshire 34,266
12 Letchworth North Hertfordshire 33,249
13 Harpenden St Albans 30,240
14 Hertford East Hertfordshire 26,658
15 Bushey Hertsmere 25,328
16 Rickmansworth Three Rivers 23,973
17 Potters Bar Hertsmere 22,639
18 Berkhamsted Dacorum 20,641
19 Abbots Langley Three Rivers 19,574
20 Ware East Hertfordshire 18,799

How to get involved?

At this stage, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject. You can leave them at the bottom of the page. You can discuss it on social media with us using #TrendLifeHertfordshire or you can follow the discussions on Facebook – We are adding the Facebook group chats overtime.

All Things St Albans – Facebook discussion
We are from Hitchin – Facebook discussion
Hoddesdon, Hertford & Ware Local Community – Facebook discussion

Why are we doing this?

For fun and to learn more about the history of our towns from a different perspective. We as Hertfordshire locals always hear funny reasons why people have their favourite towns or towns they avoid. We want to find our some of the reasons and present them to residents of Hertfordshire. At this stage, we are only looking at Hertfordshire but we plan to do the same for Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Then we can look at the picture across the Three Counties.

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