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The guide to local rivalries between Hertfordshire towns : Part 1




Hertfordshire towns

Hertfordshire is a county like no other. Well that is according to many of its residents. Whether you were born and bred in Hertfordshire or moved to one of the Hertfordshire towns for a piece of that fine Hertfordshire life, you will know that it is one of the best places to live in the UK.

Hertfordshire continues to poll high in many surveys looking at living standards, income and overall happiness. These have included the ‘Sunday Times Best Places to Live’ and independent surveys from the likes of USwitch.

Whilst this has been great for ‘team Hertfordshire‘, polls looking at individual Hertfordshire towns (and ranking them) have created division and a touch of snobbery. Historically, there have always been rivalries between towns located near each other however, there are some unique rivalries between Hertfordshire towns. Over a series of posts and potentially a documentary, we are going to create ‘The guide to local rivalries between Hertfordshire towns‘.

The guide to local rivalries between Hertfordshire towns

The guide to local rivalries between Hertfordshire towns

  • Does St Albans believe its head and shoulders above the rest because of their city status?
  • Who really cares Watford have had a premiership team?
  • Do Letchworth & Hitchin still vie over the number of pubs they have?

These are the types of friendly rivalries we would like to get to the bottom of. We are not talking purely sports rivalries. That would be too simplistic. We will be looking at the history of local ‘friendly’ rivalries between Hertfordshire towns. Our goal is to focus on:

  • Historical ties that have caused rivalries
  • Rivalries started because of local amenities
  • Bizarre claims to fame
  • and last but not least, simple old jealously.

What next?

At this stage, we want to get local input from residents in Hertfordshire. We want to know which town you come from and who you which Hertfordshire town do you think is your towns rival?

We have ranked the various Hertfordshire towns based on populations and selected the top 20. We will collate the views and opinions from Hertfordshire locals on who they think is their town’s rival and why.

# Settlement District Population (2011)
1 Watford Watford 131,982
2 Hemel Hempstead Dacorum 94,932
3 Stevenage Stevenage 89,663
4 St Albans St Albans 82,146
5 Welwyn Garden City Welwyn Hatfield 48,380
6 Cheshunt Broxbourne 45,832
7 Hoddesdon Broxbourne 42,253
8 Bishop’s Stortford East Hertfordshire 37,838
9 Hatfield Welwyn Hatfield 37,577
10 Borehamwood Hertsmere 35,489
11 Hitchin North Hertfordshire 34,266
12 Letchworth North Hertfordshire 33,249
13 Harpenden St Albans 30,240
14 Hertford East Hertfordshire 26,658
15 Bushey Hertsmere 25,328
16 Rickmansworth Three Rivers 23,973
17 Potters Bar Hertsmere 22,639
18 Berkhamsted Dacorum 20,641
19 Abbots Langley Three Rivers 19,574
20 Ware East Hertfordshire 18,799

How to get involved?

At this stage, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject. You can leave them at the bottom of the page. You can discuss it on social media with us using #TrendLifeHertfordshire or you can follow the discussions on Facebook – We are adding the Facebook group chats overtime.

All Things St Albans – Facebook discussion
We are from Hitchin – Facebook discussion
Hoddesdon, Hertford & Ware Local Community – Facebook discussion

Why are we doing this?

For fun and to learn more about the history of our towns from a different perspective. We as Hertfordshire locals always hear funny reasons why people have their favourite towns or towns they avoid. We want to find our some of the reasons and present them to residents of Hertfordshire. At this stage, we are only looking at Hertfordshire but we plan to do the same for Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Then we can look at the picture across the Three Counties.



The Hub Milton Keynes hosts our May #lunchNbloggers event

Lee Hall



The Hub Milton Keynes Host #lunchNbloggers for the first time

The TrendLife Magazine team are excited to announce that #lunchNbloggers is back. We have been working hard to plan something special for our first post-lockdown event so we are happy to say we have chosen The Hub Milton Keynes.

This #lunchNbloggers will be the first event that features over five dining experiences as we discover all what The Hub has to offer. Located in the heart of Milton Keynes between Midsummer Boulevard and Avebury Boulevard, The Hub is home to a wide range of popular restaurants, bars and hotels.

The Hub Milton Keynes Host #lunchNbloggers for the first time

What to expect when #lunchNbloggers arrives at The Hub Milton Keynes

As part of The Hub #lunchNbloggers experience, we will sampling and experiencing some of the most popular dining destinations in Milton Keynes

  • Bogata – We will be starting with a Meet & Great at Milton Keynes’ first speciality coffee shop
  • Las Iguanas – Join us as we sample a slice of the Latin life which is on offer at The Hub
  • Turtle Bay – A bottomless brunch of Caribbean inspired dishes at Turtle Bay is next on the menu
  • Banana Tree – At the fabulous Banana Tree, we will be experiencing Japanese style private dining
  • Blossom Room – Sticking with the Japanese theme, we will be ending the night in style at the fabulous Blossom Room. Make sure you charge your phone for those instagram stories.

As with all our #lunchNbloggers events, the masterclass is always something special and we have arranged a Yoga masterclass with a twist at Sweat Studios. Chill out, stretch out or work out – it is your choice. As with all our masterclasses, everything you need will be provided.

The #lunchNbloggers Team at Harben House

About The Hub Milton Keynes

The Hub is a vibrant restaurant, cafe, hotel and lifestyle quarter in the very heart of Milton Keynes.

Register for #lunchNbloggers

#lunchNbloggers has always been and will remain FREE to attend. We occasionally ask for a small deposit to ensure those who are selected attend notify us in advance so we can offer this exclusive opportunity to another member of the #lunchNbloggers team. To register for this event, please complete the form below and remember to follow us on instagram for updates.


Thursday 27th May 2021
From Midday until late.

If you wish to attend but cannot take part in the Yoga masterclass, please let us know when you register.


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Residents have voted on what is missing in Hitchin Town Centre

Lee Hall



Hitchin is open for business

Just two years ago, Hitchin Town Centre had been named as a finalist in the Great British High Street Awards 2019. Despite losing out on the crown, Hitchin Town Centre has remained one of the more popular destinations in Hertfordshire. As times and demands change, town centres and high streets across Hertfordshire also need to change to meet the demands of residents and visitors coming from out of town.

As residents return to the cobbled streets around the town centre, we asked the question… ‘what is missing from Hitchin Town Centre?’ In total, we had over 200 individual responses with 40 different suggestions.

Here are the top ten things missing from Hitchin Town Centre.

From 10 to 1, below is a list of the top things voted for by Hitchin residents. Some notable responses that did not make the top ten include a Vietnamese restaurant, a gin bar, toy shop, escape room and art gallery.

10. McDonalds/KFC 2%

Would Hitchin residents welcome a busy fast food chain?

We are not sure McDonald’s in Hitchin would be a hit.

Would local residents really stomach a McDonalds in Hitchin Town Centre? Would Colonel Sanders be welcomed with open arms? These two fast food giants may bring the Big Mac, finger licking’ chicken and employment but what about the litter and UberEats riders? There are a number of issues that come hand in hand with today’s fast food giants.

9. Record store 3%

Owning music in a psychical format had been on a steady decline since 2010. However, nearly 5 million LPs were purchased in the UK last year alone. Most of these have been online but is there an opportunity for a savvy Hitchin entrepreneur to create a nostalgic record store experience?

8. Live outdoor entertainment 3%

Who doesn’t like getting out and experiencing live outdoor entertainment? Well, in most cases, councils don’t and they tend to be the decision makers on events in public spaces. Post-covid would be ideal for live outdoor entertainment to return to Hitchin Town Centre. The market place offers the space and Hitchin does have plenty of local talent.

Move over meat... Vegan burgers could be available in Hitchin soon

Move over meat… Vegan burgers could be available in Hitchin soon

7. Vegan restaurant 3%

With plant-based food businesses, festivals, and pop-ups booming, it’s clear that veganism is become a global phenomenon. Because of this changing trend, some larger towns and cities can boast of vegan only restaurants. A Hitchin vegan restaurant could become a reality soon as the demand is clearly there.

6. Independent book store 5%

Picking up 5% of votes, an independent Hitchin book store would probably struggle given that Waterstones is positioned in such a good place but Waterstones itself is currently in a battle online giant Amazon. Independent book stores tend to be more quirky and with the right ‘keeper of books’ behind the till, the experience of buying a book in person is a lot more rewarding than hear the thud of delivery hitting the passage floor.

For the remaining things missing in Hitchin, watch our video below and don’t forget to subscribe.


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Why it could be time stop dieting & consider what you consume…

Emily Collins



Why it could be time stop dieting & consider what you consume...

We’ve tried them all haven’t we? Atkins, Paleo, Keto and if you’re a certain age then maybe the Cabbage Soup Diet. But do any of them keep weight off in the long term? In most cases, the answer is sadly, no. They may provide a short-term fix, but in the longer term the scales will slowly creep back up again.

In fact, evidence shows that dieting is linked with a higher risk of gaining weight. Many of you will know from bitter experience that you go on a diet, you lose some weight, you don’t feel great as you’re denying yourself certain food groups, or foods you love and then when you return to your normal way of eating, the pounds creep back on again.

Why it could be time for you to stop dieting

Why it could be time stop dieting & consider what you consume…

This is why we need to reframe how we see a ‘diet’. When you look the word ‘diet’ up in the dictionary, the first meaning is ‘The food and drink we consume on a daily basis’ and the second meaning is ‘a limited amount of food we eat for medical reasons or to lose weight’. If we were to focus on the first meaning and embark on a diet that is for life and which provides us with all the nutrients we need to thrive then we’d have much less need to focus on the second meaning.

A great way to assess if your current way of eating is the best one for you, is to ask yourself if you’d be content eating the way you do now in two years’ time? if the answer is no, then it’s time to make some changes and discover your diet for life.

We also mustn’t forget that one size won’t fit all when it comes to a diet for life. We don’t all respond in the same way to the calories we consume and we don’t all undertake the same amount of daily movement or have the same metabolism. What works for one person may not work for another and this is why taking an individualised approach works much better.

It’s also important to not look at one factor in isolation, for example, stress, sleep and movement all impact upon our weight and our energy and if we only look at what we are eating then we may not achieve our goals as quickly.



If you’d like start your journey towards a diet for life, then why not book one of my 30-minute Vitality Review Consultations? We can talk about your health goals and discuss some tips for changing your diet and lifestyle so that you can find an energetic, healthy version of you who can thrive in life.

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