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Gym Class Hero – The benefits of amateur boxing



Amateur Boxing with AB Boxing

TrendLife Magazine discusses the benefits of boxing with experienced boxing trainer Andrew Blumson of AB Boxing

Boxing is a truly fantastic sport and it isn’t just for those giant beasts of men that you see on television. Boxing is a sport that everybody can participate in and that makes a huge difference.

Boxing with AB Boxing
Something that is very beneficial about the sport of boxing is that it is excellent for your cardiovascular health. One of the things that makes boxing so great for your heart is that the act of punching, any punch, forces very many of your muscles to contract at once.

The next big benefit that you can reap from boxing and training for boxing on a regular basis is that you will develop better hand-eye coordination.

The benefits of boxing go far beyond physical. Boxing is proven to help with self-confidence; not just physical confidence, mental too. It can help with balance, co-ordination, focus, anxiety and even ADHD.

AB Boxing specialises in coaching people that are new to boxing. AB Boxing is not an amateur boxing club, neither do we coach pros. Our target members are people that have never boxed before or have limited experience.

Boxing with AB Boxing
AB Boxing coaches people that want to learn how to box and get fit at the same time, on a 1-on-1 basis (or 2-on-1, 3-on-1, etc), but would rather not go to a boxing fitness class.

The misconception is that if you purely want to get fit, a “boxing fitness class” would be a better choice than a 1on1 technical boxing session, however, that isn’t entirely true.

Once you learn the technical side of boxing, you will easily burn more calories doing an hour’s boxing, than you would a fitness class.

A typical hour 1-on-1 session would comprise of around 50-mins coaching, usually broken down to 3-min rounds.

Boxing with AB Boxing

At the very beginning and presuming you haven’t boxed at any level before, you learn things such as stance, how to punch correctly, how to load punches, etc. Footwork movement comes later on, as do things such as blocking and catching punches, high-guard, slipping and rolling punches.

When a client gets to this stage, which is usually after around 6 or 7 sessions, ‘light touch sparring’ is introduced if the client wishes to step up to this level.

Light sparring during a boxing session
Our primary focus is on defence and safety. We won’t let anyone spar, at any level, until we are confident that they have at least basic defence.

When we introduce sparring, we start with non-contact, simulated sparring, which gets the members used to moving around, throwing shots, and putting what they have learned into practice.

There are numerous tricks that we use to allow the members to feel like they’re sparring, but in reality, they are ‘simulating’ sparring.

After a few weeks like this, we introduce ‘jab sparring’. This is where you can only punch with your lead hand; left in the case of an orthodox boxer and right in the case of a southpaw.

Within the technical side of boxing, there are many different types of training. If you are interested in starting your boxing journey, in a friendly, safe, no ego gym, then get in touch with Andrew or Nikki at AB Boxing.

Athlon Fitness where AB Boxing is based is an extremely friendly, welcoming gym. Ego’s are left at the door, and everyone that trains there has the utmost respect for each other.

Lover of all things FAST. If I am not in the office, you can find me near a track or under a car. I also work with great people in TrendLife's Editorial team.


Film & Theatre

Milton Keynes Theatre opens Auditions for 14 to 19 year olds




Young people aged 14 to 19 are invited to audition to be part of the MKT Academy Young Company, offering them the opportunity to gain valuable experience in staging a professional production, from the audition to the final curtain.

Participants will work with director Kitty Benford between January and April 2022 to create their own version of the play Like There’s No Tomorrow for NT Connections. The play was originally devised by the Belgrade Young Company with Justine Themen, Claire Procter and Liz Mytton. The Young Company will perform their new production at Milton Keynes Theatre and the Royal & Derngate in Northampton, with the potential to perform at the Connections showcase at the National Theatre in London.

Alexandra Snell, Senior Creative Learning Manager said: “We are really excited to have been selected to take part in NT Connections 2022 and can’t wait to work with a brand-new group of local young people. This topical play feels extremely relevant to our current generation and I am sure the company will make something truly innovative.”

Like There’s No Tomorrow will be a fast paced and vibrant show that focuses on young people and how they feel about climate change and the inaction of the adults around them. This production by MKT Academy Young Company will highlight the unique relationship that Milton Keynes has with the topics of climate change and capitalism, as well as exploring the links our citizens have to other parts of the world that are impacted by climate change. The show will be high energy, feature ensemble storytelling, movement and music and hopes to gather all the resources required in an eco-friendly manner.

Milton Keynes Theatre

Auditions are taking place on Saturday 8th January between 11am and 2pm. To book your place in the audition workshop, email
As well as performers, Milton Keynes Theatre would like to hear from young people with an interest in directing and stage managing.

Milton Keynes Theatre is also looking for local sponsors to support this exciting project, which would offer young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to take part. If you would like to help, please contact the theatre’s Sales and Development Manager, Linda Davies on:

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What the jingle bells is going on at The Galleria?



What the jingle bells is going on at The Galleria?

The true identity of a very festive intruder, spotted on CCTV arriving at The Galleria, has now been confirmed as none other than Santa’s most esteemed helper… the scout Elf! As per Christmas tradition, the scout Elf has been tasked with keeping an eye on guests…he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice! And this year, it seems that Elf has decided to take residence at The Galleria for the month of December – watching guests, appearing here and there around the centre and of course already getting up to his world-renowned mischief!

To celebrate the Elf’s arrival, The Galleria has launched an official Elf Hunt and is encouraging Elf hunters to take s-Elfies and share them on social media with the hashtag #GalleriaElf.

Chief Officer of Christmas at The Galleria, commented: “When we arrived at the outlet on 1st December, we were stunned to find one of Santa’s infamous scout elves had moved in overnight. We’re incredibly excited at his arrival and have launched The Galleria Elf Hunt, inviting guests to seek out his hiding spots. So far the elf has stayed true to his reputation of causing a bit of havoc so we’ll make sure we keep an eye on him during his stay.”

The Galleria in Hatfield

As well as the Elf Hunt, guests to The Galleria can enjoy seasonal entertainment from local community groups on selected dates along with supporting East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals Charity and Lister Hospital’s Children’s Ward by donating a Christmas gift at The Giving Tree.

For more information about the Elf Hunt and Christmas events at The Galleria, visit

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Milton Keynes activewear brand Gymcub Apparel opens Christmas pop-up



Milton Keynes activewear brand Gymcub Apparel opens Christmas pop-up

GymCub Apparel, the Milton Keynes born activewear and leisure brand is set to open a pop-up store at Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes following a successful launch online earlier this year. Opening at 10am on Wednesday 1st December, the brand – which has a growing fanbase in the local area – will welcome guests throughout the festive period and into the New Year, for a limited time only.

Marking the opening of its first ever physical store, the brand – known for its bold and daring designs – will sell its best-selling items including its co-ord signature tracksuits and hoodies, as well as its much-loved t-shirts, vests, leggings, and cropped tops. It will also launch a brand-new limited-edition line which will be exclusively available in store only.

Located opposite Victoria’s Secret, the stylish activewear brand which has been spotted on a host of reality TV stars including Love Island’s Connor Durman, Emma Woodhams and TOWIE’s Roman Hackett will finally be available to purchase in store for the first time ever and will celebrate by sharing an exclusive 50% discount to first time customers on Friday 3rd December.

Richard Cayless, Owner of GymCub Apparel commented “GymCub Apparel was born here in Milton Keynes, so it only felt right to open our first ever pop-up in the city. We’ve had a successful launch period, growing our community online and this marks the next step in building that fanbase further. Our ethos is all about looking great and feeling great and that will be reflected in our instore experience”

Milton Keynes activewear brand Gymcub Apparel opens Christmas pop-up

He continued “We know Christmas is always a busy period, with lots of people on the lookout for the perfect gift and we cannot wait to bring our bold and daring designs to Milton Keynes. We cannot wait to welcome everyone when doors open at 10am on Wednesday.”

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