Summer Sun With Revlon and Rimmel

When it comes to summer there is no colour too bright in my opinion. The brighter the better!

There’s no avoiding the beautiful colours on array in the shops at the moment! I am totally in love with these summery shades, enough to brighten up any ones day.

It was only when I left the shop did I realise that they were all either Revlon or Rimmel, I didn’t intentionally buy these products on the dedicated brand’s counter. I was happily paying for my boots meal deal when I saw all of these on by the counter as if they were meant for me. In all honesty it can only have been fate! That’s what I tell myself anyway! Cheeky!

I decided to go all out and just get the lot, such lovely colours it was hard to decide what to get and what to potentially put back. I am a terrible impulse buyer and this just proves that! I go out to get a sandwich and I come back with a rainbow of products!

Rimmel 60 Seconds // £3.69

405 Rose Libertine – 621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary – 406 Cute As A Kitten Heel – 501 Fancy A Dip? –

622 Oh Boy You’re So Fine!! – 503 No Tan Lines Here

The nail varnishes all by Rimmel are great for drying time! They really do live up to their name! Dry in 60 seconds.. I literally only put one stroke of the brush on my nail and it dried straight away!

The brushes are thicker than other nail varnishes and this helps glide over your nails with a lot more coverage first time, which really helps as it doesn’t leave that layer upon layer look. The colours are lovely and bright perfect for the summer, even more perfect with a beautiful tan!


Revlon ColourBurst Lacquer and Matte Balms // £7.99

235  Mischievous Malicieuse – 105 Demore  Reservee – 120 Vivacious Exuberance – 115 Whimsical Fantaisiste

I’ve noticed that colour pens are all the rage at the moment, I love these Revlon ColourBurst lacquer and matte balms so felt only right they would be perfect to feed my curiosity and see what all the fuss is about. I was instantly drawn to the lovely shades that the pen like chubb sticks radiate. I know it’s quite superficial but the packaging really does help when buying products for me, I love being intrigued by what the product may be like. I have instantly fallen in love with the orange shade! I put it on to try it out and I had to keep it on as I was so happy with the gorgeous new find! I can’t wait to wear this in the summer and clash with some other colours from my wardrobe! I am particularly glad that that the lacquer balms have a lovely silky texture to them so my lips feel moisturised as well as poutalicious!

Have a fabulous weekend…

Much Love!


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