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Wanted: The next Lewis Hamilton

The Next Lewis Hamilton

The engine in Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 World Championship-winning Mercedes has barely cooled, but the search is already on to find Britain’s next motorsport hero. Hamilton, who will officially receive his second F1 World Championship trophy in Friday night’s FIA Prize-Giving Ceremony in Doha, Qatar, started his career racing a …

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More than a car: Inside Aston Martin Works

It is not everyday that you get the opportunity to work with one of the world’s most iconic brands. A brand so synonyms with beauty, elegance and style that the mere mention of their name summarises all that is great about British engineering. And they are just down the road in Newport …

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Peugeot RCZ Review – sexier than a TT!

Yes, it’s true; if you want a car that gets looks absolutely everywhere, you need an RCZ. The common Audi TT has no attention drawing abilities anymore, they are ten a penny! We had the pleasure of driving the 1.6, 156BHP RCZ in GT spec. At £23,560 it is £2,350 …

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Hot Hatches for Summer 2013

The love affair with the hot hatch is somewhat strange. You have those that would happily drive a hot hatchback from the day they leave the test centre to the day they die and those, who see them as an unfortunate stepping stone before they get their filthy little fingers …

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