More than a car: Inside Aston Martin Works

20th November 2014
20th November 2014 Lee Hall

It is not everyday that you get the opportunity to work with one of the world’s most iconic brands. A brand so synonyms with beauty, elegance and style that the mere mention of their name summarises all that is great about British engineering. And they are just down the road in Newport Pagnell.

Located in the small town of Newport Pagnell, Aston Martin Works is the historic home of the Aston Martin brand with a heritage stretching back to 1955 when the site was acquired by David Brown. Serving as the global centre of excellence for heritage sales, service, parts, restoration and repair with an unrivalled collection of craftsmen and craftswomen boasting skills unavailable anywhere else in the world, Works has recently undergone a multi-million pound site redevelopment that makes it one of the most modern and best-equipped Aston Martin dealerships in the world.


Uniquely, Aston Martin Works has dedicated new and heritage car sales showrooms, the latter being known as ‘Olympia’ and opened in 2013 following its conversion from a panel shop. Each year, Aston Martin Works repairs, restores and services 2,700 modern and heritage cars from more than 20 countries around the world including China, Dubai, USA and Australia.


Aston Martin Works is one of the best-performing Aston Martin dealerships in the world in terms of new and used car sales.


Aston Martin Works offers a ‘flying spanners’ service to VIP clients around the world when shipping cars back to Newport is not practical or possible.


The Aston Martin Works service stamp – and Works-prepared stickers – add important provenance to any car that is worked on at Newport Pagnell. These features stand as a signal of excellence in terms of servicing and repairs, and give buyers confidence when they come to purchase a used car


Due to the ever-increasing values of heritage models, Aston Martin Works’ world class restoration facility is operating at full capacity with as many as 25 cars work-in-progress at a time.


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