Cheek Mediaspa in Kings Langley Hertfordshire

Cheek Medispa introduce non-surgical fat reduction treatment

Cheek Medispa, an aesthetic clinic in Kings Langley has introduce a new high-tech treatment, ‘B-Tonic’, that simultaneously burns fat whilst toning and sculpting targeted areas of the body.

Suitable for both men and women, Cheek Medispa are now offering a healthy way to manage weight and rebalance the body after months of lockdown which has caused a surge in weight gain across the country. The B-Tonic treatment words by stimulating muscle growth as well as burn fat more efficiently and rapidly than exercising.

In just one 30 minute session the treatment area is induced to over 36,000 supermaximal muscle contractions, which forces the muscle tissue to adapt by remodelling its internal structure, providing tangible results right after the first treatment. After a complete B-Tonic treatment of 4 sessions, which can act on stubborn fat pockets on the buttocks, tights, arms and abdomen, clients see an average 4cm circumference reduction.

“The hands-off treatment technology keeps contact to a minimum,” says Cheek MediSpa Director and Aesthetician, Gemma Depiano.

“Once it’s been set up our therapists can leave the room and let it run until near the end of the treatment –  so it’s perfect for anyone who is still wary of getting back to the gym or exercise classes but is looking to tone up.”

She adds: “The Coronavirus pandemic has reinforced the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and the B-Tonic treatment isn’t just for those looking for a toned physic but is ideal for anyone looking to target localised fat to improve overall health and wellbeing.”

Cheek Mediaspa in Kings Langley Hertfordshire

For more information about Cheek Medispa, B-Tonic or their advanced treatment range for skin rejuvenation and total-body definition, visit

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