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F-Type S : The new kid on the block

F-Type S | TrendLife Magazine

Jaguar’s long anticipated, long overdue E-Type replacement is THE car of the moment. So we had to get our hands on one to see what all the fuss is about. We tested the middle of the range F-Type S, its 3.0 litre supercharged engine produces 380 BHP and 460 Nm of …

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Toyota GT86 Review – The drivers dream?

We recently had the pleasure of driving the Toyota GT86, co-developed with Subaru, its being billed as a back to basics pure drivers car. The model we drove cost £27,795 which included nearly £3k of extra options. These were: Touch and go Sat-Nav at £750, Metallic paint at £450, and …

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Range Rover Evoque – The perfect on roader?

Land Rover released the Evoque back in 2011 as a Coupé four wheel drive, but seeing as many of them are rarely used off road, how does the Evoque perform on road? We tested the SD4 2.2 litre Diesel with 187 BHP, in Prestige spec. With a starting price of …

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Peugeot RCZ Review – sexier than a TT!

Yes, it’s true; if you want a car that gets looks absolutely everywhere, you need an RCZ. The common Audi TT has no attention drawing abilities anymore, they are ten a penny! We had the pleasure of driving the 1.6, 156BHP RCZ in GT spec. At £23,560 it is £2,350 …

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